Cochise MTS Inc

Risk Mitigation, Protective Services & Training


We are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards and to making the right decisions for our customers, our partners, our employees, and the communities where we serve. Our ethical standards are embedded in everything we do, from operations and management to corporate social responsibility.

Our Mission
We foster an environment that provides opportunities for growth and development for our employees and partners. We identify and provide adaptive, quality solutions through a combination of experience, talent, and skill. We respect input from all participants and integrate their perspectives into the solution, continuously improving all facets of our business and our delivered services to exceed internal and external customer expectations. We also endeavor to share the benefits of our success with customers, employees, partners, and their communities.

Our Vision

To provide innovative solutions to complex problems, while:

  • Continuously developing and growing as an indispensable partner
  • Cultivating an innovative and adaptive workforce
  • Aiming to be a globally respected industry thought leader
  • Being valued in the communities where we live and work

Our Tenets

  • Customers are our number one priority
  • Employees and partnerships are our most valued assets
  • A culture based on transparency, and superior communication, ethics, and results
  • Selfless service and community outreach
  • An organization governed by leadership that exemplifies and promotes Core Values, and provides the tools and guidance for their attainment

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Humility